13248330_1634234840232927_1644279742874917953_oHi! I’m Z the Yellow Dog, also known as GRHRCH UH Misty Morning’s Flaming Zombo, but that’s pretty long and formal. I do prefer to go by Z or the Super Amazing Yellow Dog, your choice!

Thanks for visiting my website! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a 3x GRHRCH dog, going three for three in the past three Grands, which is all that I have run (that’s a little confusing and we all know what it means, but my publicist is superstitious and refuses to write it out in a more simple way to read!). I was inducted into the 500 point club in 2017 and am well on my way to getting to 1,000 points in the near future.

I’m pretty lucky that my Dad likes to hunt. A lot! So I get to travel all over the country and25395064_165112984240850_2077591611017179670_o go after a variety of different birds. I hunt pheasant in South Dakota every year and waterfowl from Ohio down to Mississippi and everywhere in between. I’m steady in the blind and a machine when I retrieve. I am also perfect at home, having an off switch that is truly desirable.

Have a look around my page, and if you’d like more information about adding my genetics to your breeding program or if you’re interested in having one of puppies as your next hunt test champion and hunting companion, contact my publicist. I pay her enough, she needs to start doing some work!